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About Gary

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Gary Jones MChiro BSc

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How I got into Chiropractic work

In my early 20's I hurt my back after an accident, breaking my right clavicle. This created an imbalance in my spine which caused regular back spasms, my back deteriorated eventually leaving me with numbness in my right leg.

After being treated by a chiropractor in 1992, it left me with the burning ambition to become a chiropractor and to help people with their pain, I wanted to restore their quality of life. This ambition never left me, which I fulfilled 25 years later. I qualified as a McTimoney chiropractor in as a 2015.

Posture Right

After searching online for Gloucester chiropractors, I discovered Nick whom I had trained with at college. I was curious why he was now practicing Advanced Biostructural Correction™. After a discussion and a series of treatments. I was impressed, my posture had changed noticeably after two treatments. After years of being in pain, the pain had reduced significantly, I could now walk without the burning sensation in my leg, which usually came on after twenty minutes.

I was so impressed by this technique I decided to learn it. I now have the privilege of working at Posture Right alongside Liz, Nick and Rob.

Advanced Biostructural Correction™ (ABC)

This technique has changed my posture for the better. It has allowed me to be more upright without any additional effort. My posture had been slowly deteriorating through bad habits and years of sitting at the computer slumped over.

I have changed how I sit, stand and yes, even how I sleep. Advanced Biostructural Correction™ is changing my posture for the better, there is still a way to go, a life- time of bad habits doesn’t fix itself overnight, but I certainly see the benefits of how my posture is improving over time.

I am passionate about ABC, it has helped me, I want to help people become as mobile as they possible can and live the lives they deserve, as pain free as possible.

Posture Right Chiropractors:
Aiming to give you the freedom to enjoy life the way you want to.

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