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What we do and how it works

What we do and how it works?

We only make corrections to vertebrae that have gone out of alignment in a direction that your body cannot self-correct, as it has no muscles to pull it back where it needs to be. Once that corrects, vertebra that have twisted or rotated will untwist so that your body literally unwinds through your injuries and the pain disappears.

How long does it take?

On average, most people unwind through at least one injury in about 6 weeks, some unwind through several injuries in that time. The more you move the more you will unwind so we recommend you walk at least 20 minutes a day minimum, if you can. We usually recommend a 6 week course of unlimited treatment for adults (less for children). You pay a flat fee and we treat you twice a week or more if you need it. This treatment works, little and often to keep the unwinding process going. If you are just after pain relief then the 6 week course will work great for you. You will be happy with your results.

If you are after more structural correction and want to make a bigger difference to your posture and your overall health and well being, then we may recommend longer than 6 weeks depending on what you want to achieve. The choice is always yours. When you wish to stop, you simply stop. You are welcome to return whenever you like for one-off sessions or a course. It’s entirely up to you.

This is totally different from what I call the “old style” Chiropractic that I did for 16 years.

The “old style” Chiropractic which I did for 16 years, treats the “untwist”. That’s what we knew worked to help relieve pain. So, we put you on your side, twisted your upper body one way then your lower body the other way, applied a short sharp thrust, something “popped” and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t! To be honest, it was frustrating. I used to think it was because different styles worked for different people and so when it didn’t work, I’d try a different approach. I spent years learning new techniques to expand my “toolbox”. Sometimes that worked but if it didn’t, I’d try something else until I found something that helped. Sometimes, nothing helped. Most of the time, it “worked” well to relieve pain and increase mobility, so most of the time people thought I was amazing! However, I noticed I could never reverse people’s hunched over posture, including my own.

Now we help everyone.

Everyone notices a difference in their posture immediately. Most people get pain relief immediately. Only occasionally does the pain relief take a second or third visit to ease. We still use some soft tissue techniques such as facial release, dry needling and ultrasound to help relieve muscle tension and inflammation, but mainly both Nick and I stick to Advanced Biostructural Correction as it is so effective.

So why is this new way so effective?

The new way is so effective because it’s Advanced. So advanced, there are only about 20 of us in the country qualified to use it.

It’s based on engineering and it treats the body as a single, synchronous functioning unit i.e. one whole complete entity, rather than its separate parts. This is key. We treat you from head to toe (including the toes) and back up to your head, whether you come in with back pain, neck pain, elbow pain or little toe pain. Where you hurt is not the problem. Where you hurt is the area that is having to work the hardest to compensate for a bone in your spine in another area going forward, then bones below it and above twist. Even in your arms and legs, feet and hands, the bones twist.

That’s what happens. A bone goes forward and we get a bit rounded in the shoulders, the head comes forward, we get rounded in the back, or have a steep lumbar curve or have all of those at once. Bones above and below the one that has gone forward then twist to stop the process. That area eventually becomes injured and starts to hurt.

We simply push the forward bones back where they should be and the ones that twisted then untwist and you unwind through that injury.

With a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

We are so confident we can help you, we offer a money back guarantee. No other Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist in Gloucestershire offers this kind of assurance. So, if you have tried everyone else and not got the results you want, then come to us. Your initial consultation has a no quibble no questions money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Try us out. You will be amazed at your results after just one treatment.

Is your pillow causing your pain?

We teach you how to get the correct pillow height for you. There is a simple way to test this and adapt your own pillow so you have a restful night’s sleep and wake pain free and refreshed.

Chairs and shoes!

The way you sit and what shoes you wear will affect your posture. We teach you how to get the perfect sitting position for you, to enable you to sit well without any effort. We have wedge cushions to adapt chairs to get them at the correct angle and correct height for you. Some shoes will be too flat, too high, too soft, too narrow or too supportive and restrict your feet too much. We test your shoes and find the ones that work best for you

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