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Back Pain

“I came to see Liz due to pain in my back. I had difficulties to walk and stand. I couldn’t drive when back was very bad.

I stopped swimming & aerobics. Since my treatment the pain has reduces greatly and I can drive, swim and take part in aerobics –gently.

I would definitely recommend you to other people.”

Collette Wright

“I came to see Liz because I had an intense burning pain in my back, lower back and shoulders. I couldn’t lift anything,and my posture was appalling.

I was sitting on same desk for 14 years slumped over like an old lady.

After this treatment I feel fantastic. I can stand up straight, I don’t have any pain anywhere. I can sit all day at work and the pain isn’t there and that’s what I appreciate most, and I feel so good about myself. Thank you!”

Claire Fletcher

“I came to see Liz because I had been suffering with painful back. Standing for longer than few minutes was very painful for me.

Since seeing Liz and starting this chiropractic treatment my pain has now mostly gone and I am able to stand for much longer periods of time without pain. I am also sleeping much better.

I would highly recommend Liz to other people as she is very professional as well as a lovely lady. 5 out of 5 stars!”

Jenny Prosser

“I came to see Liz as I was in agony with my back and in constant pain. I was on medication, but I wasn’t getting any better physically or mentally and had to stop swimming, cricket and running.

Since seeing Liz, pain has mostly gone and I’m now able to swim and run at small distance, I have better mental wellbeing and I’m not always concerned about my back.

I would definitely recommend Liz”

Nick Fairbairn

“I came to see Nick due to ongoing lower back pain which was very severe at times. My back had been bad for many years and I couldn’t do any sport at all. I was not able to bend very easily and could not do any gardening.

Now, after I have had the treatments, my pain has completely gone. I can now play badminton, work in the garden and pick things up from ground level without difficulty. I have noticed that my stress levels have reduced, and I have more confidence in carrying out certain tasks. I would definitely recommend PRC.

The treatment has been fantastic. I can’t thank Nick enough for his help and commitment to his work and passion to help me get better”

Carl Dodson

“I came to see Nick due to pain and discomfort in my lower back.

Before the treatments I couldn’t bend down and my normal daily activities were restricted. My pain greatly gone now. I can bend down now and my normal daily practices are back to normal.

Also, my body is more upright. People from PRC are lovely, and they make you feel at ease. I would definitely recommend you to others!”

Rob Brown

“I came to see Liz because I noticed my upper back was hunched over and my wife was worried about this.

However, I had back pain whilst playing table tennis, so much so, I had to cut the season short this year, so I thought it would be a good idea to seek treatment.

After a few sessions my pain has mostly gone, and I can now play table tennis without worrying. I am also more upright. I would definitely recommend Liz”

Andy Taylor

“I came to see Nick as I bent over permanently after an illness. I struggled to do the simplest of things because of pain. I struggled to walk, and I had to leave the job I loved.

My pain has greatly reduced,and I can now do everyday tasks and even attend the gym. I now have next to no pain at the halfway point of my treatment course. Nick is a great, friendly and professional person who works wonders and knows what he’s doing.

Before I met Nick, I thought I would have to adapt my life to being hunched over and in pain. But he’s transformed my life.”

Jamie Monkman

“My back was very painful, this made doing anything hard work.

Since treatment with Liz, my pain has gone.

I am now able to do most things and I sleep better now because I have my new pillow which Liz recommended”

Jo Matthews

“I came to see Liz with lower right back pain. I had difficulty in everyday life.

Since treatment, my pain has greatly reduced, I have more movement in my hip and I’m more mobile than previously.

I highly recommend Liz, she has made a big difference to my working day.”

Lisa Berry
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