Success Stories

Leg, Hip, Knee & Foot Pain

Peter Whitmore

“I had pain in my right knee joint, hip joint and in my lower back. I was unable to go for long walks.

Since seeing Nick, my pain has gone and I’m able to go on long walks without having to stop. I have also found that my breathing has improved and have no leg pains in the evening.

I would recommend Nick to others.”

Peter Whitmore
Adrian Cole

“I came to see Nick due to problems as a result of lumbar spondylolisthesis causing sciatic pain in left side. As a result of that tightness and pains in right hand side occurred sporadically.

Surgical consultant suggested I sought chiropractor help to prevent/reduce need for surgery.

I was/am living with pain, sleep discomfort, walking/standing for prolonged periods of time. Since first treatment my pain has mostly gone,and I have more knowledge about how to comfort/reduce symptoms of pain. I can walk longer without any pain.

I would definitely recommend Nick.”

Adrian Cole
Michael Richards

“I was in near constant pain in my lower back, also struggling with sciatica.

This was beginning to restrict my work as I do a manual job. Since seeing Rob, I can now do a full day’s work almost completely pain free.

I don’t end up badly stooped with pain or experienced sciatica since starting the sessions.

I’m walking faster and driving is a lot more comfortable”

Michael Richards

“I came to see Liz and Nick because I had pain in the hip. I was unable to bend my back or put on my socks.

After the seeing Liz and Nick, my pain has gone mostly, and I can now walk tall and move in balance. My shoulders are not as painful anymore.

I would definitely recommend Liz and Nick to others.”

Elaine Rees
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