Success Stories

Other Pains

I came to see Liz and Gary as I was in a lot of pain through all my joints.

I was finding that my mobility was reducing to the point where I avoided things like steps etc. Getting up steps was painful and tricky.

After treatment my pain reduced greatly so I am much more mobile, I do have more energy and feeling much better generally. Also, my knee pain has gone. I would highly recommend Nick and Gary to other people.

Amanda Shakespeare

  • Reduced pain
  • More energy
  • Better quality of life
I came to see Liz because I had prolonged neck and back pain.

I couldn’t turn my head whilst driving. I had to move my neck and shoulders. I had constant pain whilst at work.

Since my treatments my pain has gone and I can now turn my head whilst driving. Also I sit at my desk at work with no pain all day. Movement throughout my spine and neck is so much better.

I would highly recommend Liz, only I wish I had taken the plunge months ago!

Christine Wood

  • Pain gone
  • Improved neck movement
  • Improved mobility
I came to see Nick due to pain and the fact that I was not able to exercise without causing myself strain.

After the chiropractic treatment, my main has mostly gone. My body feels free and I can now exercise without any unnecessary strain.

I would highly recommend Nick and this Chiropractic treatment to others.

Clare Jackman

  • Reduced pain
  • Able to return to exercise
  • Improved flexibility
I came to see Nick because I still had bad shoulder pain 8 months after an injury.

I had limited movement and strength in my shoulder and arm. Since I have had the treatments, my pain has mostly gone.

I can now move with virtually no pain in my shoulder and arm and it is also possible for me to sleep on my bad shoulder, which it wasn’t before. I would highly recommend this Chiropractic to other people.

David Stewart

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved movement
I came to see Nick as I was in so much pain when I would bend down but since my treatments, my pain has reduced and now I can bend more while working.

I would definitely recommend others coming to this Chiropractors.

Doreen Lawrence

  • Reduced pain
  • More flexibility
  • Better quality of life
I came to see Liz because I had bad headaches, dizziness and back pains. I was in so much that I couldn’t do anything, and I could hardly leave the house.

After my treatments, my pain has gone, and I can now leave the house more often and do some gardening and housework without being in any pain.

I would definitely recommend Liz.

Emma Hawkins

  • Reduced pain
  • More mobility
  • Improved lifestyle
I came to see Nick because I wasn’t able to stand for long periods of time without being in pain.

I was waking up often in the night due to back or hip pain. After treatments my pain mostly gone. I can walk further and sit or stand for longer periods of time.

I also sleep through the night. I have noticed less stiffness and aching. I do have much more energy. Nick is very polite and professional.

I would definitely recommend you to other people.

Fiona Burns

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved sleep
  • More energy
I came to see Nick due to lower back pain as I couldn’t even lift my son.

The pain caused me to stop playing golf and I struggled after rugby games. However now, my pain has gone greatly, and I can now lift my son and I have no discomfort after rugby. I have also started playing golf again. As a bonus, my breathing has improved, and I am more flexible.

I would definitely recommend Nick and Liz as they are great and very friendly.

Garth Le Roux

  • Reduced Pain
  • Able to resume sports
  • Improved flexibility
I had a back problem which caused pain and difficulty sleeping and twisting. Walking and carrying things also caused me pain.

After a few sessions with Liz my pain went, and I can now lead a normal life again. The treatment helped me with my posture and I am more upright, I can breathe deeper. I have Parkinson’s Disease, so this is very important to me. I highly recommend Liz.

Liz provided a superb service, even providing an emergency treatment when the pain was too much to bear.

Graham Pitcher

  • Pain gone
  • Easier sleep
  • Improved posture
I came to see Nick as I had numbness in my feet and hands. I had an MRI scan that shoved L2 & L3 are out of place. Before my treatment I struggled to walk and to hold things in my hands. After the course everything got back to normal – no more numbness. I feel like I have lot more movement in spinal area and my back are stronger. I would highly recommend Nick to others as he is very professional.

Helen Seabrook

  • Improved mobility
  • Able to walk more easily
  • Regained strength to back
Because of pushing my husband in a wheelchair, I came to the Chiropractors because my back was really hurting.

I could hardly move and getting out of a chair was very painful but since my treatments, my pain has gone greatly, and I can now walk without pain and my numbness in my feet has gone.

Since my last treatment, I had my best night’s sleep and I feel wonderful.

Marilyn Hambidge

  • Improved mobility
  • Pain gone
  • Improved sleep
I came to see Liz and Nick due to pain in my back, shoulders and foot.

I couldn’t play rugby. Work was difficult and playing with kids was a hard work for me.

After few sessions, my pain has mostly gone, and I can work more and harder. I can also play with my kids without pain. I also lost weight.

I would advise anyone to get in here and get things sorted! I have put off doing anything about these issues for too long!

Mark Newman

  • Reduced pain
  • Able to play with his kids again
  • Improved work life
Until this year, it had never occurred to me to visit a chiropractor. But a friend noticed that I was not walking normally, and I seemed to be sitting as if I was tightly wound up.

My friend suggested I try Liz to see if she could help. I have now had 10 sessions and I am very impressed with the changes.

She helped talk me through what kinds of chair to sit on, what pillow size to sleep on and gave me many helpful tips. My style of walking has greatly improved, and I am standing more upright. My spine looks a better shape.

I thoroughly recommend Liz, and the treatment really does make a big difference!

Mary Pearce

  • Improved posture
  • Easier walking
  • More upright appearance
I came to see Liz as I was in agony with my back and in constant pain.

I was on medication, but I wasn’t getting any better physically or mentally and had to stop swimming, cricket and running.

Since seeing Liz, pain has mostly gone and I’m now able to swim and run at small distance, I have better mental wellbeing and I’m not always concerned about my back.

I would definitely recommend Liz.

Nick Fairbairn

  • Pain gone
  • Able to return to sport
  • Improved sense of wellbeing
I came to see Nick due to lack of free movements.

I had some restrictions whilst working. After my treatments, my pain has mostly gone.

All my movements are pain free now. I feel much better in general.

I would definitely recommend Nick to my friends and family.

Paul Heard

  • Pain gone
  • Improved movement
  • Better sense of wellbeing
I came to see Liz because I was experiencing pain at base of my spine and jaw bone.

I was waking up with pain and having it for most of the day.

After just 6 sessions I now wake up with no pain and experience little pain for the rest of the day. It is much easier to stand up straight. Walking is better and less painful.

I am amazed and pleased with my ‘before & after’ photos showing progress made on my scoliosis in only 4 weeks.

Highly recommended to everyone!

Ros Weston

  • Reduced pain
  • Easier walking
  • Improved sleep
I wasn’t able to walk upright or keep steady on my feet.

Now my pain has gone, and I can walk steady and I am in no pain.

It’s a good one to one treatment and I would recommend this.

Walter Fred Allison

  • Steadier on feet
  • Improved walking
  • Pain gone