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Treatment for knee & hip pain

Treatment for knee & hip pain

Knee & Hip pain can severely limit your lifestyle making it difficult to stand and walk, thus affecting everyday activities such as walking around at work, shopping, household duties and exercise. If left untreated it can eventually lead to problems in other areas of the body including lower back pain. These joints are quite complex and pain may be caused by several different factors.

What to do if you have knee & hip pain:

  • ‘Flat Feet’ – rolling in of the ankles.
  • Altered walking pattern due to a problem with the feet.
  • One leg shorter than the other.
  • Muscle imbalance, including tighter than normal muscles (EG: calf)
  • Joint restriction in the foot, ankle, knee, kneecap, hip, pelvis, lower back etc.
  • Arthritis – It is important to note that it is impossible to make the diagnosis of arthritis without x-rays, and even if arthritis is confirmed chiropractic has been proven to help

For treatment for knee & hip pain to be successful it is critical that the practitioner get the diagnosis right.

Initially, it is important to put ice, not heat (with a tea towel or something similar between you and the ice pack), and then seek advice from a chiropractor. With in depth training in lower limb biomechanics, we are ideally placed to help solve your knee and hip pains.

If you are suffering from knee or hip pain, contact Liz the Chiropractor for an appointment so we can access and formulate an action plan. Our Chiropractic clinic is in Gloucester, ideally located for clients from all over the region including Tewkesbury, Stroud and Cheltenham.

We're here to help

If you are looking for treatment for your knee & hip pain and live around Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Newent and parts of the Forest of Dean or Stroud, then contact us. We are the only Chiropractors in Gloucester to offer a money back guarantee. Remember we are only a phone call away. If you would like to discuss this topic further please call us on 01452 898014 or email us.


  • "I have been receiving chiropractic treatment for severe hip pain and numbness that has bugged me for years. It has been a serious blight on my life. The treatment by Nick has worked wonders- I never thought I could be this good."

    Jayne - aged 56
  • "I had suffered with pain in the knee for about 9 months, but my doctor couldn’t find a cause. Kneeling was hard to do as well as walking and sitting in low chairs. After seeing Liz my pain has now gone and I can kneel and walk easily. I would recommend Liz to others as she is professional and friendly."

    J Kucharski
  • "I used to hardly be able to walk, couldn’t bend down or pick up heavy things, now I am able to do a lot of more. I can bend without problems, and get out of the car without looking like an old man. My problems were a lot better after the first session and I continued to get better and better!"

  • "I came to see Nick because I had back pain and sciatica and I couldn’t work cycle or do any other form of exercise. My pain has gone and I can now work, exercise, cycle and lead a normal life. I feel better and can move much more freely."

    Lynn - aged 56 - legal adviser - Gloucester