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Treatment for shoulder pain

Treatment for shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can limit your daily activities including driving, work, looking after the children, playing sport and even just answering the phone. It can also be particularly uncomfortable to sleep which can lead to other problems.

What to do if you have shoulder pain:

  • Use ice not heat. Apply frozen peas or an ice pack over the painful shoulder, ensuring you have a tea towel or something similar between your skin and the ice pack.
  • Keep the shoulder moving within pain limits. While it is important to keep the joint moving it is equally important to avoid aggravating it by undertaking painful activities EG: overhead work.
  • Seek help from us before the pain becomes unbearable, your shoulder becomes ‘frozen’ or the pain spreads to the back or neck.

The shoulder is an incredibly complex joint, actually made up of several joints, and the pain can come from many underlying problems, such as the muscles and joints of the shoulder itself, the neck, back and jaw, or even organs such as the stomach or gall bladder can refer pain to the shoulder so it is important to get the diagnosis right.

We will find the source of your shoulder pain and you will soon get relief.

We're here to help

If you are looking for treatment for your shoulder pain and live around Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Newent and parts of the Forest of Dean or Stroud, then contact us. We are the only Chiropractors in Gloucester to offer a money back guarantee. Remember we are only a phone call away. If you would like to discuss this topic further please call us on 01452 898014 or email us.


  • "I came to see Nick for pain in my right shoulder. My work rate had slowed down and Jobs took longer to complete because of the pain. My pain has mostly gone and I can work harder and for longer and I have more energy so I can get more jobs done in a day now. I would highly recommend Nick and give him a 5 star rating. Everyone at Liz the Chiropractor Clinic are friendly, helpful, thoughtful and mindful to your needs."

    Ken - aged 51 - Highways Operative - Gloucester
  • "I had great discomfort in both shoulders due to sitting for long periods at a desk.
    After a few sessions with Liz my shoulders felt a lot stronger, stable and the pain had gone."