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What We Do and How It Works

Using a technique called Advanced Biostructural CorrectionTM , we correct bones in your spine that have edged their way forward over time, or suddenly gone forward due to an accident or fall.

You have muscles on the front of you and the side of you that over time, through everyday life, bending , lifting, sitting, looking down at a desk or phone, will edge bones forward in the spine.

When bones go forward they twist and tilt, then other bones go forward and others twist and tilt to compensate.

Over time your spine changes shape from a nice elongated S shape, to a different shape altogether.

As a result your posture changes, shoulders become rounded, head goes forward and the curves in the spine either get too large, too small and can even start curving in the wrong direction.

When this gets very severe, you start to develop the dowager’s hump at the base of your neck.

As we get older our neck seems to “disappear” into our body and get shorter.

Pain stiffness and injury soon develops.


Once those bones have gone forward, you cannot correct them yourself. Your body does not have muscles that can physically pull a bone backwards and into place.

So, we start correcting those bones out of place that your body can’t correct itself. The beauty of this treatment is that those bones that twisted and tilted to compensate can now untwist and un-tilt back into place, because you have muscles that can do that.

Your spine unwinds through all those changes in shape and if you do it for long enough it’s possible to return to your nice even elongated s shape that you once were.

The other beauty of this treatment is that as soon as your spine starts to unwind and change shape, the stresses and strains that were causing you to be in pain, start to ease. Your pain starts to ease immediately, even as early as the first session with us.

Whats the difference between you and other Chiropractors?

Other Chiropractors treat the bones that have twisted and tilted to compensate for bones going forward. Only they don’t know about bones going forward because we don’t get taught about that at Chiropractic College. I know because I did that kind of treatment for 16 years before I discovered this much more advanced technique.
I had a lot of headaches, waking up with them . Since treatment my pain has gone, I have no more headaches.
43, Cinderford
June 2018
Since seeing Nick, my pain has gone and I’m feeling much fitter. I would definitely recommend him.
71, Gloucester
June 2018
My back was very painful, this made doing anything hard work. My pain has gone, I can now do most things and I sleep better now.
58, Gloucester
May 2018

So why is this new way so effective?

The new way is so effective because it’s Advanced. So advanced, there are only about 30 of us in the country qualified to use it.

It’s based on engineering and it treats the body as a single, synchronous functioning unit i.e. one whole complete entity, rather than its separate parts. This is key. We treat you from head to toe (including the toes) and back up to your head, whether you come in with back pain, neck pain, elbow pain or little toe pain.

Where you hurt is not the problem. Where you hurt is the area that is having to work the hardest to compensate for a bone in your spine in another area going forward, then bones below it and above twist. Even in your arms and legs, feet and hands, the bones twist.

We simply push the forward bones back where they should be and the ones that twisted then untwist and you unwind through that injury.

We are so confident we can help you, we offer a money back guarantee. No other Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist in Gloucestershire offers this kind of assurance.

So, if you have tried everyone else and not got the results you want, then come to us. Your initial consultation has a no quibble no questions money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Try us out. You will be amazed at your results after just one treatment.

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