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Lisa Archer BSc (Hons) DC

As a teenager I used to do long distance running, but after suffering recurring knee pain I was told nothing could be done to help. The advice was “you can either carry on running and it will carry on hurting, or you can stop and it will stop.” I was gutted – running was the only sport I was good at back then and I ended up giving it up because of pain that nothing could be done about.

It wasn’t until 2001 that I was first introduced to chiropractic. I’d taken a career break from my job as a forensic scientist and gone travelling in Australia. Fortunately I had a working visa and my forensic experience meant I was able to get a job at the Victoria Forensic Science Centre in Melbourne. Most of my colleagues there were seeing a chiropractor and were always raving about their visits to their chiro and how amazing they felt after. So it got me curious – what was it they all loved so much about it? (To be honest I thought they were talking about the chiropodist to begin with since I’d never even heard of a chiropractor back then.) I asked a lot of questions and eventually a colleague asked me if I’d like to go with her one day and see her get adjusted. She couldn’t turn her head properly because of an old whiplash injury. I went along and saw the chiropractor make a few quick moves then all of a sudden she had full movement again. I was fascinated – and I had to know more!

The more I looked into chiropractic the more hooked I became.

So much so that I decided to leave forensic science and re-train as a chiropractor myself. On returning to the UK I applied to the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and graduated in 2005. I love that now I get to help people in a natural way that doesn’t just get them out of pain, but it improves their whole health and wellbeing and keeps them being able to do all the things they love. You will never hear me say the words you can carry on and it will carry on hurting, or you can stop and it will stop. There is another way!

After practicing diversified chiropractic for many years I became interested in ABC™ because I’d heard so many stories about how amazing it was. In fact I went along to a seminar with Liz and we began our ABC™ journey together. If you haven’t read Liz’s story of how ABC changed her life do check it out. Seeing the massive transformation in her health is what inspired me to totally change the way I’d been practicing to ABC™.

When I’m not being a chiropractor I also work as a mindset coach and breathwork facilitator. I’ve got a big interest in the mind-body connection and exploring how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect how we behave and how we experience life. When I’m not working or reading something geeky about neuroscience and human behaviour I can be found powerlifting (after discovering a love of heavy weights during lockdown), or escaping away with my husband in our campervan.

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