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Moosa Shaikh

Moosa Shaikh MChiro BSc

I was born and raised in Gloucester. I have always had a keen interest in sciences. However, my interest in chiropractic was planted when my mother had a car accident when I was in secondary school. She suffered quite badly, with fractures, whiplash, neck pain and headaches. I witnessed my mother over several months receive no success from more conventional NHS treatment and medication.

A friend then advised her to try a chiropractor. Not only did she start to gain relief from her pain, but her overall quality of life improved as well. What struck me the most, during this time, was just how inadequate the conventional system is when dealing with her pain. She was just offered pain killers, which mask the pain and doesn’t get to the real cause of pain. This is what led me to pursue a career as a chiropractor.

I became fully cemented on this technique and the benefits it can bring.

I discovered ABC™ through Liz when I observed her clinic whilst I was in my first year degree course studying Chiropractic. Initially, this technique surprised me as I had not observed a chiropractic technique that adjusted in this manner. It was only after I had been adjusted myself and received such benefit, that my interest in this technique began. After my first adjustment my sleep improved, and my headaches reduced.

When I graduated, Liz invited me again to observe her clinic and attend a weekend ABC™ seminar. This is when I became fully cemented on this technique and the benefits it can bring and so I am very glad I can work for Liz and carry on using ABC™.

Moosa Shaikh
Moosa Sheikh
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