Success Stories

Poor Posture

I came to see Nick due to back pain and also my posture wasn’t good.

I was generally uncomfortable doing everyday activities where the pain was in targeted areas. Sitting or standing for prolonged period was painful. After few sessions my pain has gone and I can hold my children without pain or discomfort.

There is no more discomfort when steeping and rolling over. My treatment has given me the ability to stand tall/straight. I feel much more confident with my posture.
I would definitely recommend Nick to everyone.

Hannah Best

  • Pain gone
  • Easier sleep
  • Improved posture
I came to see Nick as I bent over permanently after an illness. I struggled to do the simplest of things because of pain.

I struggled to walk, and I had to leave the job I loved. My pain has greatly reduced, and I can now do everyday tasks and even attend the gym. I now have next to no pain at the halfway point of my treatment course. Nick is a great, friendly and professional person who works wonders and knows what he’s doing.

Before I met Nick, I thought I would have to adapt my life to being hunched over and in pain. But he’s transformed my life.

Jamie Monkman

  • Reduced pain
  • Better posture
  • Able to work again
I came to see Nick because I had extreme neck and shoulder pain and the pain stopped me from living my life.

After treatment my pain has gone, and I am now doing triathlons. I have also noticed that my height has increased from 188 to 189cm.

I would definitely recommend Liz and Nick to other people.

Jens Eberhardt

  • Pain gone
  • Increased height
  • Able to resume sport
I came to see Rob due to pain and discomfort in my lower back.

Before the treatments I couldn’t bend down and my normal daily activities were restricted.

My pain greatly gone now. I can bend down now and my normal daily practices are back to normal. Also, my body is more upright. People from PRC are lovely, and they make you feel at ease.

I would definitely recommend you to others!

Rob Brown

  • Pain gone
  • Better movement
  • Improved posture
I came to see Liz to improve my posture and to find out more about how to improve my posture in my daily life.

I wasn’t in pain but aware of my posture was imbalanced. Just after few sessions I have noticed a steady improvement in my posture and have been able to implement changes to my daily life to help support good posture as a result of my visit.

I would definitely recommend Liz!

Robert Williams

  • Improved posture
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better balance
I was experiencing pain while sitting at work, down my left side and I had a numb hip and shooting pain down my left leg which made me constantly bending over my office desk.

I had to cut down playing sports activities such as tennis and the gym as I would be in discomfort for 2+ days after.

Since my appointments with Liz, my pain has greatly reduced and I am now sitting comfortably at work, using a wedge recommended by Liz which has had huge benefits for my posture. I notice I have less headaches, I’m sleeping well, and I have improved posture at the desk. My chest has also lifted, allowing me to breathe easier.
I would give 5 stars and definitely recommend Liz and Nick to others as Liz has been very welcoming and puts me at ease straight away. She always explains everything, so you are fully informed of the process and is very encouraging each session.

Rose Barber

  • Reduced pain
  • More comfortable when sitting
  • Improved sleep
I came to see Nick as I had very rounded shoulders and stooped posture.

No significant pain but wanted to prevent any pain in the future.

My posture is so much better now! It is very noticeable. And I feel Like I have more flexibility when I do yoga.

Thank you so much Nick! My stooping/ rounded shoulders are so so much better, and it’s made me feel much more confident.

Sophie Deal

  • Improved posture
  • Increase in confidence
  • Less stooping