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Nick Parry MChiro BSc

How I Got Into Chiropractic Work

It all started with a bothersome knee back in 2005. I’d been training to run the London Marathon and was up to 20 miles in training. A week before the event, far from home, a nagging knee pain just got worse. I walked back home and cancelled my entry into the marathon.

Yes, it is too far for any sensible person to run- but the difficulties with my knee continued and lead to me finding about chiropractic treatment. I found out that my knee problems really came about because my pelvis was twisted- so forces moving through the whole leg were misplaced, leaving me susceptible to injury and pain.

When other therapeutic interventions didn’t help, I went to a chiropractor and was fixed and there my fascination with chiropractic began. My first career was in residential social care for the elderly and those with learning disabilities. I always wanted to stay on the front line with the people who really needed it and I enjoyed the 1-2-1 contact.

On the way to becoming a chiropractor in 2014, I became a professional massage therapist and worked hand-in-hand with physiotherapists in a private hospital for 5 years.

On To Gloucester

Prior to coming to Gloucester, I worked as a chiropractor in Hertfordshire and Surrey for 2 years. I had met Liz in an Advanced Biostructural Correction™ seminar in January 2016, where we both started to learn the fantastic technique that is now the core of our practice.

When I met her, she was recovering from suffering multiple compression fractures in her thoracic spine. She couldn’t sit down without great pain and was on the verge of retiring entirely. By the end of the seminar, she was able to sit and consider a future without pain.

A couple of months later, she broke her wrist and asked me to look after her clinic. Her misfortune has led to a thriving partnership and the clinic is seeing more people than ever!

Advanced Biostructural Correction™ (ABC)

I have sought to widen my knowledge of structural healthcare throughout my career. I was used to techniques that worked some of the time but no-one could really say why.

There are many ways for a chiropractor to work. Some look at getting the joints moving without understanding of the effects on the whole body. I understand now that the body often winds up and locks parts to compensate for deeper problems.

I sought a complete understanding and methodology! I am deeply fortunate to have found ABC. This technique is a quantum leap for my work. It provides clear insight and resolution for most problems facing my patients.

It has been such a pleasure to find a reliable and revolutionary form of chiropractic care that not only really works, but also gives visible results right from the first treatment.

My life outside work

Before moving ……….   I brought my fiancé Natalie with me and soon after we got ourself a dog called Zen. He’s a very active  Shih Tzu who keeps us walking in all weathers. After settling to live in the Forest of Dean, Natalie and I got married in 2018 and now we have 2 small children.  

I am a keen bee -keeper and have hives close by on organic land. I am transitioning to a hands-off form of beekeeping that will suit them more but may yield less honey. I am experimenting with different types of hives to find out what best suits the bees in this area.

The more intensive methods of recent years have interfered with way the bees like to live, and this has reduced their ability to cope and thrive. If you see a swarm of bees locally, get in contact as I may be about to collect them! Sometimes I have a honey surplus and sell a few jars in the clinic.

Running in the countryside remains a great pleasure for me. For now, I’m not getting involved with competitive races, preferring to use it more to explore, keep fit and enjoy the natural landscape.

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