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Rob Spratley BSc MChiro

My Journey

After graduating in Environmental Sciences in 1996, I started my working life in the IT industry working for IBM and Santander for 15 years. About half-way into this, I became firmly aware that I did not want to spend the rest of my life sat behind a computer. Around the same time, I hurt my back carrying a piano. Pain medication and physiotherapy didn’t fix it, so I booked into a chiropractic clinic and started treatment. Following several weeks of regular adjustments, I felt better than I had for years. This sparked an interest in structural health that led me to pursue a 5 year masters in chiropractic and then becoming a chiropractor in 2004.

I met Nick Parry at chiropractic college and then didn’t see him for several years until I met him and Liz at an ABC seminar. We became good friends as I started visiting their Gloucester clinic to get adjusted and adjust them. As their clinic has grown, Liz invited me to join the team, which I readily accepted.

Becoming an Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) practitioner

I worked as an associate in a couple of clinics, exploring the best ways to help people. Whilst working in Reading, I attended a seminar in ABC. The principles and effectiveness of the technique resonated with me, so I started practicing and attending more seminars. I have found it to be the most effective technique to correct people’s bodies and the problems they are experiencing and have never looked back. One of the key benefits to ABC is that it looks to correct the primary mechanical problem with your body, rather than focusing on the bits that hurts. In many cases, the bits hurt are compensations for something else that is wrong. Treating the body with ABC focuses on the problem of structure but in so doing also helps you lead a pain-free and healthier life.


Out of clinic

Outside of working with Liz and Nick in Gloucester, I also run a small family run clinic in Oxfordshire with my wife, Carly who is a veterinary chiropractor. Anything with four legs, she treats, and I stick to the two-legged patients!

We are both dog lovers and have cocker spaniels, Japanese Spitz, a Chihuahua as well as some rescue dogs. Together with two children, it’s always a busy house. We also have a horse and two goats if that wasn’t enough already.

I am a keen runner (when I find the time) and love skiing and hiking. I and always gratified to see how chiropractic helps sports men and women improve their performance and function, as well as being pain free doing the sports they love. Watching people change their bodies and their lives is what motivates me as a chiropractor and always will.

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